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Bespoke Ordering Service

We are able to provide the majority of Games Workshop products through our bespoke ordering service.

As we are a small company we are unable to hold the 100's of products simultaneously, however, we can order and dispatch the majority of the items we do not hold within 7 working days. This means you can keep your great discount with us and earn your loyalty points regardless of what you need!

However, not all items are equal and we have outlined the level of discount we can offer below

Discount Levels

Model kits 

We are able to offer a discount rate of 20% on these items that are not Direct Only (See Below)*

Direct Only

Some Items are categorised as "Direct Only". These are often less popular items that are not offered through normal trade accounts. We are able to offer a discount rate of 10%*

Printed Media, Books, and Codexes

We are able to offer a discount rate of 10% on these items*

*All discounts are subject to change but you will be notified of any adjustments prior to your order completion. 

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